Our Process

The truth is there will be many decisions to make throughout the process.

Do I go with prefab or custom cabinets and whats the real difference anyway? Prefab - Limited Options

Stock or Prefab Cabinets: mass produced, lowest quality, may look good for a short time, hidden design/installation issues, generally ok for occasional rentals if you plan on replacing regularly.
Semi Custom: What is this? don't be fooled...
Custom Cabinets: Any Size, Any Shape Any Style. (Quality That Will Last A Lifetime!)
Unlimited options, design style combinations, finishes, with endless creative possibilities that actually fit your specific space and need. (now that's a novel concept!)

We utilize state of the art design software with cutting edge manufacturing techniques all perfectly blended with the old school craftsmanship and values where the attention to detail is evident to even the most discriminating homeowner/client. Once final design has been approved and accepted your project officially enters into production. Each step of our manufacturing process is driven by quality first last and always.

We clearly understand that Hand selected materials can make the difference between a job that's just OK compared to a job that is truly amazing..

Your primary decisions should include:

  • General layout and configuration designed to meet your specific needs
  • Door style
  • Cabinet materials and final finish color
  • And more...

Design Process

Let us guide you on all the nitty gritty cabinet construction and detail options that we believe is best suited for you. Don't get me wrong here, Were happy to give you Cabinet 101 but isn't it most important to end up with the very best value possible for each dollar spent...

Bottom Line: WE BUILD GOOD STUFF! ---