Our beautiful hand crafted custom cabinets are guaranteed to transform your living space far beyond what you may have dreamed possible. The design treatments and detailed combinations to enhance your home are endless, but can be overwhelming without a knowledgeable resource who can help.

CCS Cabinets will take you carefully through each stage of your project with confidence. We will also work seamlessly with other tradesman you may already have or need to complete your specific project needs. We believe that a strong plan, clear communication and precise coordination can make the difference between a job that went well, to a pleasurable and enjoyable project experience that went excellent!

1. Free consultation. We'll schedule an appointment at your convenience so we can start by viewing your specific space. This provides uninterrupted time to focus on your project, take preliminary measurements, explore options and review our quality cabinet offerings.

2. No-cost project design. There's no better way of considering all the options than to see an illustration of your cabinets. We'll turn your project into a computer illustrated design plan so you can visualize how your cabinets will look in place. This allows you to make design decisions with confidence and changes or modifications are easy to make as we work together towards your preferred final design.

3. Convenient installation. We plan each installation carefully to minimize disruption to your home life. All work is carefully scheduled so we can complete our work quickly and you can get back to your normal living routine. We’ve become very efficient at minimizing any unnecessary downtime.

4. Post-installation follow up. CCS Cabinets will follow-up with any final details or adjustments required to leave your new space 100% complete and ready to enjoy.

At CCS Cabinets, our seasoned staff takes great pride in our craftsmanship and we're deeply committed to customer satisfaction even under narrowest of timeline constraints!

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